Contouring model by Entity ID Ranges

Entity ID Contouring for Model Checking


Femap has a lot of visualization tools that can be used to verify the model. For example, it’s possible to assign colors to entity IDs allowing a quick visual check of the numbering scheme of the model.


The model used in this example has the nodes and elements numbered according to each frame. We’ll see a couple of ways we can verify the ID numbering by assigning colors by following these step-by-step instructions:
  1. First, we’ll make sure we are coloring with element colors and then we’ll apply random colors to bands of element IDs. Select the down arrow of the View Style icon , and select Color With and Element Colors.
  2. Select Modify / Color / Element… menu option, Select All the elements and click OK.
    femap color pallete
  3. In the Color Palette dialog select the Random button.
  4. In the Color Assignment dialog, select Multiple Colors by ID, and enter 100000 (for the example used) in the Color Match in Range box, and click OK
    femap color assignment

  5. Femap can also create contour, criteria, and beam diagram plots based on entity IDs as well as materials and properties. Select View / Advanced Post / Contour Model Data… in the menu.
  6. In the Contour Model Data dialog, check the Show Model Data Contour checkbox, Expand the Entity ID part of the tree, and select Element. Finally, in the Show As area of the dialog box, select Criteria and click OK
    contour with model data dialog
  7. Depending on the model, a clearer criteria plot can be obtained by switching off element edges. Select the down arrow of the View Style icon, and click on Filled Edges to switch them off.

Video Demonstration

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