What's New in STAR-CCM+ v2302?

What's New in STAR-CCM+ v2302?

What's in this webinar?

SDA Software Engineer Ted Blowe presents this webinar on What's New In STAR-CCM+ v2302.  During this webinar you will learn about some of the exciting new enhancements in the latest version of STAR-CCM+, including the following features:
  1. Simulation guide
  2. Liquid-Solid-Gas material option for DEM particles
  3. Refine higher priority Region during Overset AMR
  4. Battery Thermal Runaway Workflow
  5. ARM64 CPU Linux Support
  6. GPU Performance Improvements
  7. New Unsteady Implicit Scheme: SIMPLE-C
  8. Implicit Multi-Step for Mixture Multiphase - Large Scale Interface (MMP-LSI)
  9. Simcenter Cloud HPC (update)

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