Installing your STAR-CCM+ license for the first time

Installing your STAR-CCM+ license for the first time

When you are installing STAR-CCM+ for the first time you will receive a license file with the name “License_cdlmd.txt”. Note, the license will be named “license.dat” if you download it from the Siemens license administration tab.

The server line of you STAR-CCM+ license will look like this:

SERVER host_name 0a1b2c3d4e5f 1999

The SERVER line contains the details of the license server machine to which the license has been tied, as described below.

  • "host_name" will be the host name of the license server machine and can be edited if incorrect.  
  • "0a1b2c3d4e5f" will be the MAC address of the active Network Interface Card on the license server machine.  If the MAC address is incorrect, a new license must be generated by Siemens.
  • "1999" is the default license server port.  This is the initial port over which other machines will contact the license server machine to request a license.

You may find the Host name and MAC address by downloading and running “getcid_xx.exe” (same version as your server machine OS) on the host machine from this shared external sharing location. Please confirm your license file and getcid host_name and MAC address match. You may only modify the host name, but not the MAC address in the license file. If they do not match, please attach your license file and screenshot of getcid result.

Please read this article for a complete explanation of your license file, Understanding your Siemens license file.

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