How do I setup or activate my Siemens Support Center account?

How do I setup or activate my Siemens Support Center account?


Siemens Support Center provides a comprehensive self-service platform for accessing the following items for all Siemens PLM products:

  1. Latest product downloads and installation instructions
  2. Knowledge base
  3. User guide and installation instructions (documentation)
  4. Community
  5. Access to training


Follow these step-by-step instructions to activate your Siemens Support Center account:
  1. Navigate to the Siemens Support Center website,
  2. Click Get started now.
  3. Fill in your contact information and details. Click Create Account.
  4. You will receive a separate confirmation email about your sign up request. Click Continue.
  5. Locate your install/sold-to number (this number is associated with a server assigned to the license(s)) and web access code (WAC) located on your license file(s) header section. Do not proceed to the next step without this information. Note, the contact name on your license file may be an IT person or manager. Please coordinate with this person to obtain the install/sold-to and WAC. If you do not know your license contact person, then submit a support ticket: Submit a ticket
  6. Enter your install/sold-to number and WAC. Click Next Step.

  7. Fill out the form with your information. Click Register.
  8. You will receive an email when your registration has been processed.

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