How do I get a webkey for Femap products?

How do I get a webkey for Femap products?

Please click on the link here. This will take you to the appropriate Siemens PLM Software website for creating a webkey account for Femap.
  1. Click “Create Account”
  2. Since you are licensing Femap, click on the “Femap” link under “Exceptions”
  3. The next page will ask for your “Sold-to ID” and “LM Host ID” or “Serial Number”.
Your “LM Host ID” comes in one of two ways. You can get this from your licensing file, which is sent over email by Siemens when you initially ordered Femap/ NX Nastran. If you do not have this email, you can get it from your Serial number in Femap under Help -> About. The serial number is near the top. It should look similar to “1234-AB-CD-5678-E9FG”. You will need to use the center three blocks, “AB-CD-5678” in this example, as your “LM Host ID”.
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