Understand how FEMAP uses the model bounding box to calculate default model values

Model Bounding Box

What is the Femap Model Bounding Box, and why is it important? The Femap Model Bounding Box is a hexahedral cuboid constructed from planes that bound the model in the x, y, and z axes. The longest diagonal of the model bounding box is used to determine certain default values in Femap.
       model bounding box

For example, the default tolerance used when merging entities is calculated to be bounding box diagonal divided by 10,000, as shown in the below equation. 
  1. Merge tolerance = Diagonal / 10,000.
Also the default maximum deformation is calculated to be the bounding box diagonal multiplied by the applied scale factor and root 3, to average the edge length of the model bounding box, as shown in the below equation.
  1. Maximum deformation = Scale factor * Diagonal * √3

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